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Nicki Odom

Nicki has been a DIYer since 2011, when she started her first blog about flipping furniture and making crafts. Her expert advice comes with years of experience, trial and error, and ingenuity! 


Must have Tool for DIY Craft Projects

Invest in a really good glue gun! 

Almost all crafts can be done with a hot glue gun

3 reasons why they are the DIY crafting must have

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line


Super Adhesive For All Size Objects

Hot glue works on objecs of all sizes. It all depends on the weight of the object.


Fast Adhesive

When you're working on a craft project and you need something to stay in one place quickly, hot glue is the answer!


Multi-Use Tool

Not only is it great for adhesive, but it also can make really neat arts and crafts all by itself! 

Wreaths and flower arrangements have probably been my personal favorite for using hot glue over the years. What about you? Are you a hot glue gunner too? 

The crafting possibilities are endless with a quality glue gun and endless glue sticks in hand! 

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