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3 Tips for PAinting At Home

Hey guys!  I'm Nicki and I have been painting professionally for over 11 years. I'm sharing 3 basic but VERY important tips in making each paint job a huge success.



Sanding can be crucial to the success to any paint project. Even if it is an interior wall, a light sanding is the best prep for your surface.


PAinters Tape

This is an ultimate time saver, and keeper of less touch up.

IT's also great for interior design

Try this next time you want to create a design, after putting your tape down, use the base paint color to solidify the tape to block any bleed-through


Use a Roller

For most projects, paint rollers are a must have to quicken the process.

Although there are many paint projects you can see if you head to TheBohoDiaires.com, click below to see one of my favorites. 

Painting is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to spruce up a space. Gather up your supplies and try it out! 

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