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3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Patio for Spring & Summer

Nicki Odom TheBohoDiaries.com

Patio season is here and if you're like me, you love to be outside as much as possible, but also want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. 

Here are my 3 tips for prepping your outdoor space!

Add Comfy Pillows

Cozy up your outdoor seating with updated soft pillows for you and guest to enjoy.



What I change:

Add Color & Size

Pops of color and different sizes add extra comfort and dynamic to the living space.

Stylish Citronella

Set the mood and rid the pests at the same time! 



My candles of choice:

Amber Scented:

Oversized or boat style are the best in my opinion! 

Live Greenery

I bring my indoor greenery on to the patio for the warmer weather.



Best patio greenery:

Leafy and Floral Greens:

I have everything from pineapple plants, palms, hydrangeas, pansies, daises, and coral greens to liven up my outdoor space!

This patio season, make the most of it, follow these tips, and enjoy your cozy outdoor space!