5 Outdoor Adventures To Have With Kids In Your Own Backyard


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Nicki Odom

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When you don't have access to a beach or giant park what do you do to "Adventure?"

I have to get very creative in the field of keeping the youngsters busy at home. So I crafted a few ways to have outdoor adventures with your little ones in your own backyard.

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Building With Sticks

Give each little one a basket to fill with different sized sticks, and used zip ties, glue, or just the sticks to build fun projects!

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Nature-Inspired Art

We like to start at one side of the yard and make our way around the yard slowly.

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Scavenger Hunt

Make up a fun little scavenger hunt for your kiddos to find around your yard and see how many items they can check off.

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here's some examples of what I put on my list for my 1 and 3 year old:


– A Whole Leaf – A Stick The Size Of Your Hand – A Round Rock – A Flower – A Pinecone – Bird Sighting – A ladybug – A caterpillar

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Sink Or Float

You will need a bucket just big enough for your little ones to be able to reach in or drop something into. Fill it up with water. Then, give your little ones the task to finding things in nature to test if they will sink or float!

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Plant Their Own Seeds

The concept of giving something to receive something, and supporting mother earth is such an important trait to teach at a young age.

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The Outdoors does wonders for the soul, for all big and small.

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Getting outside is SO important to the success of our day. It takes crazy moods to happy ones by the change in scenery. Going on an adventure does not have to be some extravagant trip. When your children are at young ages, you can make almost anything a fun and exciting adventure.


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