5 Things To Change

When You Struggle With Body Confidence

Written by Nicki Odom August 16, 2022 TheBohoDiaries.com

The journey of self love is a major roller coaster. One day you may be totally confident and feeling great, and the next, depression and dark thoughts over your body creep in.

Here are a few ways  I boost my confidence:

Postive Affirmations

Find 3 things you love about yourself and repeat these facts to yourself every morning, followed by "you're going to have a great day." 


This is not about losing weight, this is about feeling better physically. Try cleansing your body for two weeks straight with nothing but water, AND LOTS OF IT EACH DAY! 

Move Your Body

This can come in so many different forms: walking for 30 minutes, jogging, kayaking, biking, running up and down your steps in your home.

Whatever form the movement may take, make it be different each day.

Social media Cleanse

So often we find ourselves caught in the comparison game which can take a toll mentally, emotionally, and physically. Take a break and delete your social media apps for a while to reconnect with yourself.

Meditation or  Prayer

The power of prayer is SO real and helps me every time. Whatever your beliefs may be, taking time each day to meditate on your positive qualities and your gratefulness produces positive endorphins.

These 5 things to change when you're struggling with body confidence are my go tos when I need some uplifting.

I hope they help you too!