5 Tips On Raising Confident Kids

Written by Nicki Odom January 3, 2022

From a  Millennial Mother

Do you remember playing in friends' backyards until the streetlights came on, or until  hearing your mom yelling down the block to come home. For me, it was making ribbon dancers, playing dress up or house, and racing my brother to the phone (landline) every time it rang.

Play With Your Kids

If their own parents don't show them how to use their imaginations, how will they learn to play?

Playing with your kids may not always come easy. but they don't care about a house that's not spotless. What they will remember is how fun mom or dad was and how much they made them laugh.


Rejoice and Celebrate the Little Things

Don't ever stop celebrating your children's milestones. First words, first cart wheels, the first time they hold their breath under water, they're all just that, firsts.

Every birthday, every first, make sure even the smallest things are magical and celebrated. WE WANT TO LIFE OUR LITTLES UP IN ALL THE WONDROUS MOMENTS THEY CREATE. 



I believe one of the worst things a parent can do is try and make a kid into something they are not.

I do not know what could be better for their mental and emotional health then a supportive parent who praises their individuality and creativeness.

To Dream Big While Being Themselves

Give Them The Confidence

Shadow of a Leader

Society will work to tear you and your kids down everyday, but I feel it is my job as a mother, as an auntie, and an adult, to know that my health and happiness is what matters most, not what the outside world thinks.

From how you act, what you say, WHAT YOU EAT, everything affects how your little one will grow into this crazy world.

Let Them Take Chances and Make Choices

Allow them to make decisions and learn from them to gain confidence around their own personalities.

The old saying of "you live and you learn" had to come from somewhere right? I try to let my daughters make choices for easy things like what shoes to wear, or which healthy option would be best for breakfast.

Being a Millennial parent definitely pulls me in different directions as I am constantly teetering on allowing screen time, but really wanting them to play with their friends all day until the street lights come on. The instant gratification of this technologically savvy world has proven a huge shift in parenting methods and navigating it will be different for every family. 

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