Top 5 Tools Needed For First Time Home DIYers

Nicki Odom | 1.14.2022

from DIY Blogger:


Nicki started DIY projects in 2012 where she found pure joy in turning some one else's trash into a new treasure. Now she takes on home reno projects big and small and shares it all!

Planning your first DIY home project can be so exciting, congrats for taking one on! Here are tools I highly recommend to have on hand to get started.

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Also, keep in mind these are tools to acquire over time. Now that I have these, I haven't needed to "run to the store" in many projects!


First tool on the list:

Power Drill

Power Drills are used in every single home DIY I have compelted. This is my number 1 recommendation to have!

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Second Tool to have:


Miter Saw


The miter saw can take on so many different projects big and small.  Cutting, trimming, shaping, so many things get done with this one machine! 

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Third Tool to have:


Power Sander

Power sanders, especially cordless, are so convenient for prepping your projects for the most professional look.

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Fourth tool to have:


Power Brad Nailer

Power Brad Nail guns are perfect for putting up trim, paneling, shiplap, and so much more. It's a great tool for securing stuff on a big project.

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Fifth must have tool for DIY Home Projects:


A good hammer is important to have for all your DIY projects. From pulling things out to smacking things in, I always have one on me.

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With these 5 tools you will be well on your way to tackle your first DIY projects and so much more.

There You have it!