70s Disco Inspired Fashion Trends in 2022


What they are and where to find them on a budget.

Nicki Odom


Curvy fashion blogger on TheBohoDiaries.com who is constantly inspired by boho, 70s style trends.

There are many aspects to 70s style trends that crosses over with Boho chic fashion.

Extra Flare Bottoms

The wide flare leg pants are the most common and popular fashion trend from the 70s that we will keep seeing pop up as current for years to come.

Kick Flare Pants


Faux Suede Flare


Prints Flower Power & Smileys

These prints practically became icons in the 70s. They have remained constant symbols of that era within fashion since. They will be seen all Spring and Summer long in 2022.

Smiley Sweater


Retro Mesh Top


Jumpsuits & Rompers

The flared trend extends to jumpsuits. We will see a lot of these this Spring and Summer, along with flower power rompers.

Marci Jumpsuit


Necktie Tea Jumpsuit


From the flares to the sunset tones, I could not be more exited about Spring and Summer 2022. 

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