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I have a few tips to share on how to capture some perfect snaps of your little one, even when they aren’t looking.

Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower | Nicki Odom

No. 1

Twinkling Lights


Tip 1

Set your little one up a foot or so in front of some lighting, and watch the magic happen when your camera focuses on their face. | Nicki Odom

No. 2

Baby's First Christmas Ornament


Tip 2

Be sure to have it at the ready when you are going to do this photo shoot because it is fun capturing them interacting with it at this baby stage,! | Nicki Odom

No. 3

Go Outside


Tip 3

The sky, fresh air, so many things to look at, being outside can make for some of the most magical candid shots. | Nicki Odom

Noise Makers


Tip 4

Yelling their name or making your own high pitch noises, though comical, won’t always do the trick. Use noise makers to grab their attention.

No. 4

No 5

Napped & Fed


Tip 5

Making sure they are ready to play and have a full belly will go a long way in getting some beautiful shots..


The End

With the right planning, you can really create some memorable and beautiful snapshots right in your own home!