Party Inspiration

Back To school Summer Send Off Party! 

By Nicki Odom  7.2.2022

Tip One:

Apples are the best focal Decoration accents for this theme.


More Ideas:

Take Red Balloons, green and brown construction paper, and make apple balloons.

Accent your tables and entry ways with school themed mylar balloons. 

Do fun crafts with your guests like wrapping their textbooks, making bookmarks, or painting close pins like No 2. pencils.

Tip Two:

No. 2 Pencil DIY Flower vases

Fresh Flowers

Are a great deco detail for any party. Take it over the top with these easy and affordable vase DIYS to make your table theme pop! 

Tip Three:

Apple Themed Party Snacks

Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Cupcakes

Dip your pretzels in red colored melted chocolate. Indent your cupcakes in the trays to form these fun apple shaped cupcakes!

What To Make:

Final Thoughts

This is just one way I like to pump up my household for back to school. Get them in a fun mindset for returning to school to help everyone adjust!  


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