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Bonus Room Home Office Makeover

By: Nicki Odom

DIY  Story

From Bleak to Boho Chic

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Nicki Odom

DIY Blogger, Interior Designer

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The Before

The bonus room is a split space of my home office and my daughters' play area. It needed a clear separation.

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Here is some inspiration behind the style and accents I wanted to incorporate. It is always good to have a mood board.

See More of My Board

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I started on the back wall, completing a mauve arch design, and palm leaf stencils around it.

Got everything cleaned out, then

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I built an L desk out of thrift store doors and PVC pipe! 

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I designed an accent moment where I intended to place a plain white fling cabinet with open shelves, to give it a brighter pop.

I decided to add jute rope to the desk legs to offset so much white in the office space.

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From pitiful to palm leaf paradise! 

This project was done on a MAJOR budget. I used a lot of materials I already had or found at thrift shops. 

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I know this space will change as I do, but I feel inspired to go to work and create in this space now. 

See the quick glow up by clicking below! 

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Nicki spent ~10 years in retail working as a visual merchandising or product manager.  This helped with her passion for decor, styling, and set design, but now works as a full time content creator, DIY blogger, and party planner in NC

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