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Christmas Party Dishes and Food Ideas

Nicki Odom @The.Nicki.Odom

Hosting for the holidays is so much fun. I hope these ideas make it even more fun to wow your guests!

Let's see the food!

P.S. I'm Nicki Odom, I am obsessed with Christmas and being extra as a host! 

Candy Cane Platter


This can be done as a bruschetta board which is what I usually do. I have also seen some use sliced bananas and strawberries as a fruit platter to make the Candy Cane. 

Christmas Tree Charcuterie


The biggest party pleaser! Layer in some of your favorite cheeses, grapes, crackers and meats!

Drizzle Christmas Trees


Melt white chocolate and drizzle them over some pretzels going from wide to skinny at the top! 

Gingerbread House Cake


This is a real simple wow factor as well. Buy a plain store bought cake and gingerbread cookies, add your own Gingerbread house on top with the cookies and you're done! 

Christmas Tree Double Layered Cookies


A fun treat for the whole family to partake in! 

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