Dining Room Makeover Interior Decor with:


Nicki Odom

Designer, Decorator, DIYer

Yellow Flower

What You Need

– Beveled Miter Saw – Desired wood/material to use for frames – Air compressor/Nail Gun – Right Angle Tool – Level – Measuring Tape – Frog Tape – Paintable Caulk – 120 Grit Sandpaper – Angled Paint Brush (2) – Paint Rollers (2) – Desired paint colors


Cut the wood frame pieces to the measured sizes


Stage the frames with painter's tape to ensure spacing and measurements are accurate before securing.


Secure the framework with liquid nails and nail gun.


Frames are ready for  caulking and paint

Caulking every nail hole and crack is time consuming but worth the final clean look!

Time To Decorate

Washable Farmhouse Rug, Modern chandelier with modern color block

And there you have it. A modern farmhouse Dining Room.


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