DIY Budget Friendly Pantry Makeover

Nicki Odom · 13 Sept, 2019

What we need

- Measuring Tape - White Interior Paint - Paint Rollers - Jacobean Wood Stain - Foam sponge brush - 8x1&1/2 Inch Wood Plank - 16x10x2 Inch Wood Plank - White Shiplap Board Kit - 2 Inch. Construction Screws - Electric Drill - Level - Nail Gun - Liquid Nails

I started by cleaning out the old coat closet and washing down the walls in preparation for new paint.


Next we measured the shiplap planks and marked them for cutting before I painted them.

We cut the shiplap to size and painted after the cuts were completely done and planks were fitted into place.


We found it easier to layout our planks to stage, after we got a couple done perfectly to make marking and cutting easier and faster.

Shiplap planks are cut, and painted, which means it's time to take the liquid nails and nail gun to secure everything!


Once all shiplap is done, it's time to get the rustic shelves in place. 


I stained the wood, and shelf planks, with Jacobean stain (my favorite) and let dry overnight, then seal.

Green Flower

Use the level, screws, and drill to secure shelf planks through the shiplap into the wall. Then secure shelf on planks with drill and screws.

Green Bulb
Green Round Banner

The Result

A beautiful new pantry + kitchen space!

Voilá !

Final Touches

Find all the pretty containers for your dry goods for extra organization and elegance!

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Next up

Update your dining room with budget friendly and modern wainscoating!

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