Valentine's Inspiration

by Nicki Odom

Candy Jar Party Favor


Recycle Your Glass Jars

I love Yoplait's Oui yogurt collection and have been keeping the glass jars for some fun projects. This DIY turned out great!

Follow these easy steps for a cute and simple Valentine's Day from recycled jars


First Layer of Treats

I used conversation hearts as the first and largest layer of all the treats. Fill the empty jar halfway.


2nd Treat Layer

Hershey Kisses are always a fun Valentine's day treat, and go perfectly with the sweet heart candies!


Final Treat Layer

I had custom made M&Ms that had my daughter's faces on them, and the guest thought they were too cute. It was a fun surprise.


Napkin Lid

Used our favorite Valentine's Day napkins and hair ties to secure the top of the jar closed with all the treats inside.


Candy Bracelet lid covers

Candy Bracelets made the best addition to covering the hairbands and completing the party favor treat package!

They will be a huge hit at any party you decide to throw! 

And more environmentally friendly than most!

I find so much joy in making even the smallest of ideas come to life. The beauty of it is it often blooms into something even greater than it began. That's the beauty of imagination.