DIY With Nicki Odom

How To Easily Give Your Master Bathroom A Makeover

From the moment we moved into our first home, my reno list was a mile long. Here's an easy master bathroom makeover to fit my boho style preference!

Let’s get started!

The Before

Everything was builder grade beige, it needed to go!

5 Main Changes That Made A Big Difference

01 Pop of color on the vanity

02 Wallpaper Accent Wall

03 Decorative Hooks

04 Add Greenery

05 Floating Shelves

Lined Circle

The Master Bathroom Vision Board

I wanted a mixture of boho and beachy style.

Pop of color on the vanity


I knew this green would be bold, but I'm not afraid of color! 

Wallpaper Accent Wall


Wall paper is not for the faint of heart, but it makes a HUGE statement!

Decorative Hooks


Good design is in the details! 

Add Greenery


Whether real or faux, greenery livens up any spaace.

Floating Shelves


This adds a design feature and functional storage.

These easy changes can update your bathroom and make it into a completely different space!  Happy DIYing! 

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