My Most Interesting DIY I've Ever Made

Nicki Odom

The idea woman and power behind the DIYs brought to is Nicki Odom. She began flipping curbside furniture, and now renovates large spaces on a budget!

Let me take you inside my most interesting DIY yet! 

If you see a space with opportunity for change, I say do it.


I consider the project I took on in my dining room my most interesting DIY because it's the one where I learned the most about what I was capable of so far. 

A project like this takes lots of measurement, leveling, cutting of angles, and so much more.

The modern look of the flat wood truly transforms this room. 

Chair 02

This is where I actually used that algebra knowledge from high school I never thought I would again. Cutting angles takes understanding and skill.

"Trying something that scares you will only end in a learned process."

Nicki Odom

Because this was my most challenging, I consider this my most interesting, but there are so many more to come that I cannot wait to share with you!