Paint Your Front Door


Nicki Odom DIY Specialist

Nicki began DIYs in 2010 and has grown her knowledge of paint, hardware, home renovation and more since then. She specializes in Boho style home decor.

What You NEed:

– White Exterior Primer Paint – Outdoor/Exterior Paint in Color of Choice – Outdoor/Exterior Sealent – Angled Paint Brush – Foam Roller Kit – Sanding Block — Depending on what your door is made out of I went between 120 and 80 Grit – Cheese cloth (Tack Cloth) – Wet Wash Cloth – Plastic Drop Cloth – Drill/ Screwdriver to remove handles and locks



Clean The Door

Make sure the door is free of dirt or dust before doing anything.

Use the wet cloth and wash down the door.



Remove Hardware

This makes for a cleaner look at the end.

Use screwdriver or drill to remove the hardware from the door.



Sand The Door

Once it is completed sanded, use your cheese cloth to clean up the sanding dust and dirt. Use wash cloth to do one more cleaning.

Using the sanding block, sand down the door to give it a rougher surface for the paint to cling to



Apply White Primer

Start with the square indentions with the angled brush and then roll the door completely with white exterior primer.



Apply Exterior Color

Like the primer coat, start with the indentions and the angled brush. Once all the squares/rectangles are painted you can roll the entire door.

I recommend 2 coats.


They make a good spray paint exterior sealant or you can brush it on. This is not absolutely necessary but helps with weathering and fading.

Apply Exterior Sealant


We bought new locks and handles for our newly updated exterior front door

Reinstall Hardware

Enjoy Your Beautiful New Front Door!

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