Self Shot 

Nicki Odom

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How to shoot professional photos of yourself, by yourself

Photographer | Lifestyle Blogger

Nicki is a self taught photographer. 4 years of taking pictures with a DSLR and 2 years of blogging. Her expertise shine on how to capture a shot with just a camera, a tripod, her phone, and an app.

Nicki Odom

There are pros and cons to self photogrpahy and I will take you through what works best for me

Sturdy Tripod


Find a Tripod that works best with your camera model

This is what I use


Mine is the Canon Rebel t6

It has assisted me, rain or shine

Having a reliable tripod allows me to gain control over the shot result

Canon Camera Connect App

The Camera Connect App joins your phone to your Canon as a remote


In the app, you can adjust everything in the camera settings except the zoom. Position yourself and take the shot.

Just me, my tripod, the cannon app and my phone.

Newest Smartphones


The iPhone 13 Pro has the best camera features yet for regular photos and front facing shooting

This is what I use


The Cinematic Mode alone is worth investing for the iPhone 13 for video and picture quality.

How I get The SHot

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