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Montessori Learning  Toys For Toddlers

Top 5

As a mom of two girls, it is most important to me to raise strong, independent, compassionate, and smart little ladies.

Climbing Toys


From Wiwiurka Toys

These are perfect for the growing toddler to build confidence and learn independence, balance, and test their strength.

Wooden Puzzles


From Busy Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are so fun for little ones and come in so many customizable options. They help with stem learning, letters, numbers, shapes and more. My girls stay very busy with Busy Puzzles!

Play kits


From Lovevery

The Play Kits from Lovevery are perfect for your growing little ones. They start at the newborn stages and go a little past 3 years old.

Dress Up


Playing dress up is one of the best ways to spark individuality and creativity in your little ones at a young age. They learn to express themselves through what they put on and how they want the world to see them.

The Nugget


The Nugget offers a fun and cushioned way our girls use their imaginations to build forts, boats, rockets, or whatever their hearts desire.

Long-lasting toys may be an investment, but at the end of the day they are worthwhile for so many reasons!