Top 5 Tools to be a DIY Crafter

Nicki Odom | January 13, 2022


from  DIY Crafter:


Nicki started DIY projects in 2012 where she found pure joy in turning some one else's trash into a new treasure. Now she takes on home reno projects big and small and shares it all!

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There are 5 essential tools I highly recommend to have on hand before starting any DIY craft project.

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First tool you will need is:

Hot Glue Gun


Hot glue guns are a must have item if you're starting your crafting DIY journey. There are high temp and low temp glue guns. Hot glue is the fastest adhesive to use for a craft project and works perfectly to keeping a project intact. 


Second must have tool:

Sharp Sheared Scissors

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There is nothing more annoying then beginning a project and realizing the scissors you have are old, dull, not good quality. Fiskas makes amazing, hard core scissors for all your crafting needs! 

Third Tool for the DIY crafter:


Sewing Kit

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There is so much more a good sewing kit is useful for than just a regular sewing project. Needles and thread are handy for SO many things so don't sleep on a good sewing kit!

Fourth DIY tool must have:


Stapler Gun

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From reupholstering old furniture to getting crafty with canvases, having a good upholstery stapler will absolutely be needed for fun projects like those!


The Fifth DIY must have:

Cricut Maker Machine

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Cricut machines do SO many things from cutting stationary, heat press lettering, leather, stickers, there are so many possibilities and uses for this thing it is absolutely worth the investment! 

Happy DIY-ing

I hope you found these tips useful and start that DIY journey off right!

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