How to Start Your Summer Garden 2022

by Nicki Odom

March 6, 2022


Get Seed Starting Containers

Tip 1

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These seed starter kits are the best and have served us well for the past two years. 

Tip 2

Find a Spot In Home for Indirect Sunlight

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For starting seeds, you want to place then in a warm spot but not in direct sunlight. 

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If you are in a cold climate location, or don't like the option of keeping them inside, consider a plant heating pad!  

Tip 3

Increase the Plants' Space Gradually

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Over time, as the seeds germinate, some will burst growth and need a larger space for roots. I use solo cups as a transition from small space to garden. 

Feed weekly with a liquid soluble plant food diluted to quarter strength

Tip 4

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Water with just a spray bottle as you don't want to over water and wash the seeds out. 

After the Last Frost, Transition Plants Outside in the Shade First

Tip 5

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Set the trays in the shade for a few days, then move them where they’ll gradually get a little more sunlight each day. They should be acclimated to the stronger light within a week.

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