Where & How To Hang Interior Plants

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3 Key Things

To Know

Weight of Planter + Plant

How Much Sun Does It Need

How Does It Fit In The Space

Know The Weight

For hanging plants you will need a hook to install. To ensure you are getting one sturdy enough, you need to know roughly what the weight of the plant and put will be.

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The Right Tools For The Job.

Some Favorites

Light weight plants

Medium to light weight

Heavy duty

My personal favorite


each plant is different in the amount of sunlight that it needs. Read up on what your new plant baby requires when it comes to sunlight as this will help determine which corners, or windows you decide to hang your plants in.

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What fits in the space

Do you already know where you want a plant to go? Do you have an empty area of your home you're looking to bring to life? Plants are a great solution, just make sure you are finding ones fit for the space.

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Every space in your home is not created equally. If a space is cramped, you should opt for a smaller plant. Larger more open space welcome larger plants. Finding balance is most important for the feng shui of the room.

For small spaces, hang plants high enough to the ceiling that it doesn't make the space feel even smaller.

Larger, more open spaces have greater opportunity for bigger plants that will continue to grow. Especially if it's near open windows.

Hang A Plant


Hanging plants are the best for bringing life into your home and I highly recommend it! There are so ways you could hang them to fit your personal style. I hope these quick tips empowered you to give it a try!

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